Weekly Reads 2nd May 2021

Games were a lifeline in 2020 - an article from the Financial Times about the impact of games on people living in lockdown, culture and society in general. If we ever go into a lockdown again, will games rescue our sanity like before?

NUS researchers create "smart farm" harvesting water from air using new hydrogel - Finally, our humidity has some practical uses

CNBC video on Tesla's founders, their early days and Elon Musk - Despite what Elon likes you to think, he is NOT the founder of Tesla

She stalked her Daughter's Killers across Mexico, One by One - About Miriam Rodriguez, a Mexican mother's quest for justice over her daughter's murder. Terrifying, inspirational, and ultimately, tragic

Sherwin-Williams fires college student who made paints cool on TikTok - mind-boggling in 2020, still mind-boggling now

Miscellaneous fun

Cute stuff from Amy Sedaris' Instagram


Another Raccoon


Otters (I think)