Singapore Fixed Deposits

Interest rates have been on the uptrend in Singapore recently, and banks are raising their Fixed Deposit rates. This is the latest addition to a list of cash/cash equivalent products which have attracted attention, since the rates are no longer measly.

AsiaOne has a nice article with a simple table comparing the various banks' offers, as of now.

Financial Horse has written about this too.

Given that there is a good mix of tenors, we have more options to park our spare cash, depending on the need. This should be considered together with Singapore Government Securities (SGS) T-Bills and of course, Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) 

If you are unfamiliar with SSBs, here are some resources:

1) MAS' website

2) CNA explainer

3) Dollars and Sense article

As always, read the terms and conditions of these products carefully, and seek financial advice if necessary.

None of the above should be construed as investment advice. Do your own due diligence as I will not be responsible for any loss/risk.