Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot

 Wow this is amazing.

A behind the scenes look


  1. Hi there,

    It is indeed impressive and somewhat frightening what robots can eventually do.

    What the youtube video showed was a "movie" of what Boston Dynamics hoped to achieve with their Atlas Robot. Its not a real thing yet. There are still many technical challenges that the engineers have to overcome and resolve.

    This article here may help shed some light into the status of its development. The world may or may not get to see a two legged robot that can balance itself on a dynamic platform so soon.

    1. Hi mysecretinvestment,

      Thank you for that article, it is very useful indeed. It does complement the video, also identifying some of the issues, such as the overly forceful grip of the claws.

      I agree that we may not see a two legged robot soon. It looks like robots which have their forms adapted to a limited number of use cases will be commonly encountered instead. For example, those robots which just serves trays of food.


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