Meta's new Twitter competitor

According to the ICYMI substack, more details on Meta's Twitter competitor codenamed P92 or Barcelona, based on leaked slides that Meta was showing to selected creators

Instagram users can sign in to the proposed app using their existing log-in. The app will supposedly feature a 500 characters long text post which you can attach links/photos/videos to.

There will be moderation controls from the start which seems to put these into the hands of the users. Users can control who replies to them or mentions them.

The app will be de-centralised, compatible with Mastodon. This means Mastodon users can search for, follow and interact with the app/account. 

Not sure if this will work, but Twitter's current main competitors Mastodon and Bluesky are growing fast but do experience some speedbumps. 

For Mastodon, there is an existing small population that prefers it the way it is, where the tone is more civil. This means Twitter users who want to migrate over find it more staid and less free-wheeling,

As for Bluesky, it is now a gated community with a high population of power users but not accessible to most people and many features you find on Twitter are still missing.

By leveraging on Instagram, Meta will be able to lean on a massive user base right from the start.

Expected to launch in June.

An interesting development to observe.